Carla Raquel Portilla Sanchez di Tullio

A radiologist at iRAD – Teleradiologia, has a postgraduate degree in Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Instituto de Pós Graduação Médica Carlos Chagas (Carlos Chagas Institute of Medical Post Graduation) and at the Niterói Hospital Complex (CHN), with a 3 years duration and completion in january 2015. She did her R4 fellowship in magnetic resonance at Niterói Hospital Complex (CHN) and Diagnostics Proecho (Niterói / RJ), under coordination of Dr. Alair Sarmet, with a 1 year duration. Also works at the São Lucas Hospital, Unimed – Rio Hospital / Barra da Tijuca, Miguel Couto Municipal
Hospital (Rio de Janeiro / RJ) and at Alameda Clinic Hospital (Niterói / RJ).