About us

“The iRAD – Diagnóstico por Imagem is a teleradiology and service management of Medical Imaging company funded 3 years ago, but it with great acceptance on the Market and considerable number of clients, clinics, hospitals and medical cooperatives.
The associates Armando Leão Ferreira Neto, an university teacher, and Ricardo Ge de Oliveira Martins are responsible technicians and the service managers of Medical Imaging presents in important hospitals of Rio de Janeiro and also coordinate teams made of expert radiologists doctors, totaling 140 professionals that, through remote services or by work on-site, make approximately 40.000 pages per month and are qualified for an early and precise diagnosis of the main chronical pathologies and its acute compromises. The associates are preceptors and formers of specialists in the area of Medical Imaging, adding technical, socio-environmental and ethical concepts into the medical use.”