Daniela Roberta Alves Silva

A radiologist at iRAD – Teleradiologia, has a postgraduate degree in Radiology and Medical Imaging at Lagoa Federal Hospital (Rio de Janeiro / RJ), with a 3 years duration and completion in january 2013. She did her R3 Fellowship in computed tomography at the Clínica de Diagnóstico por Imagem – CDPI (Medical Imaging Clinic), R4 and R5 in magnetic resonance at ProEcho Cardiodata Serviços Médicos LTDA, with 1 year duration each. Also works also at the Icaraí Hospital (Niterói / RJ), at the São Gonçalo Hospital & Clinic / HCSG (São Gonçalo / RJ), the Proecho Diagnostics Clinic and at the São Lucas Hospital, Albert Sabin Israeli Hospital and Dr. Badim Hospital (Rio de Janeiro / RJ).