Marcos Guimarães El Khouri

aA radiologist at iRAD – Teleradiologia, did it's medical residency in Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Hospital Federal dos Servidores do Estado (HFSE-RJ) (The State Workers Federal Hospital), with a 3 year duration and completion in january 2014 and a R4 fellowship in magnetic resonance at Magnetic Resonance Clinic IRM (Rio de Janeiro / RJ) with a 2 year duration with emphasis on the musculoskeletal system and in Neuroradiology. He is a full member of Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia (CBR) (Brazilian School of Radiology) and, since 2014, a medical coordinator of the Multiamgem Clinic (Santo Antônio de Jesus unit – Bahia) Also works at the Icaraí Hospital (Niterói / RJ) and at the São Gonçalo Hospital & Clinic / HCSG (São Gonçalo / RJ).