Yara de Figueiredo Rocha

A radiologist at iRAD – Teleradiologia, She did her medical  residency in Radiology and Medical Imaging at the Hospital Universitário Pedro Ernesto (HUPE/ UERJ), with a 3 years duration and completion in january 2009. She performed the R4 (Fellowship) in magnetic resonance at Rede D’or/RJ, with 1 year duration and completion, and the "observership program" at Body MRI, of BETH ISRAEL DEACONESS MEDICAL CENTER, BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS/ USA, with emphasis in the study of the abdomen. She holds a title of expert in Radiology and Medical Imaging by the Colégio Brasileiro de Radiologia/ CBR (Brazilian School of Radiology) since 2016. Works at the Fleury Group and at Andaraí Federal Hospital (Rio de Janeiro/ RJ).